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Transgender Links

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Internet Links:

“Basic TG/TS/IS Information” – by Lynn Conway

“The Grace Letters” – by Lee Frances Heller – Thoughts on Religion and Transgender Identity

“Our Trans Children” – PFLAG – Parents, Families & Friends of Lesbians and Gays

Further Reading:

Academic: “Transgender Emergence (Arlene Lev), “Whipping Girl” (Julia Serano)

Memoirs: “She’s Not There” (Jennifer Boylan)


WTF??! Who’s Karen?

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So, as many of you have noticed, the name for my profile has changed. Many of you are finding out for the first time what I’ve known about myself my entire life. I’m transgendered. More specifically, I’m a transsexual, someone going through the transition of living my life full time as a male to living my life full time as a female.

This has never been an easy process. I’ve spent time questioning who I was, seeking therapy, praying to God for change, reading, and talking with others. But in the end, I’ve come to accept myself as I am and I am much happier for it.

I’ve been extremely fortunate in that I have the love and support of a wonderful woman. The woman I married has been my strongest supporter. Not only does she approve, but she encourages me, gives me strength, and continues to be excited to be in relationship with the person she fell in love with. I am truly thankful for her and eternally grateful.

I am still in the transition phase, but eventually I plan to have surgery so that my body will be in line with how I feel and see myself mentally. For the time being, I am continuing the hormone replacement therapy I started back in late 2009 and moving forward with living my life full-time 24/7 as a woman. For me, this includes making a public statement about these changes.

I’m sure that many of you have questions. Please feel free to send me questions. Ask me anything. If it’s too personal, or simply too crude, I’ll either tell you to mind your own business, or to get lost. Politely, of course. 😉 You can send them to my facebook account or you can leave comments here on my blog.

I have a few other posts about my transition here, and I’m sure that in the future I will continue to post things here as I move forward, not only with my transition, but also in simply living life. Feel free to read through the other posts I have here. I will have some links to some informational websites about transsexualism as well as some good non-internet (ie book) reading. Enjoy!

I was going to leave you with a quote, something profound, or awe-inspiring. But none of the quotes I saw really captured what I wanted to closed with. So, I’ll just close with a quote of my own. I am happy, I’m at peace, and I’m thoroughly enjoying the ride.